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Founded in 1984, our company Ozçınar Electric Mining, owned 7 marble quarries with 365 days in blocks, slabs and producing natural stones as size of the product, producing it as well as a wide range of electrical panels in every breed and size offers quality products in many sectors, with the business.

13500 m² and the company has 25500 m² of open space, with a staff of 350 trained and machinery 75 thousand cubic meters of annual block, 150 thousand square plate and has a production capacity of 300 thousand m² in size. Our products exported by the vast majority of the country is proud to be playing a very important contribution to employment and reduction of our external debt.

Our staff is expert in the field using advanced technology is also sensitive nature of our consciousness and our future, and we are enjoying today in accordance with natural stone trends. We produce our products in a way that will appeal to every type of taste; Ottoman, Burdur Beige, Light Emprador, Mugla White and travertine blocks from finished, we can sort the plate and sized products.

Portents of our hallmark, makes us different from other companies in the natural stone and quality of service we offer our most important features is a brand and enables us to be the leader in the sector.

For the first time in 1999, our company is advancing surely starting to export; before was able to increase its market share in our natural stone participating in trade fairs abroad in the scope of KOSGEB support provided by the state and then formed the patent industry.

Öçınar Electric Mining continues to shape natural stone for those who want to experience the natural wealth and lived in, not stand back from investing in new sectors. Our age and the future of the most critical needs and the need for more and more every day, for the sake of planning the war to invest even given the energy sector of our company is planning to announce the most effective way its name to this Held.

As well as continuing to grow rapidly and to maintain our growth momentum in many sectors of the economy also plays with the investments we make in leading position in the construction sector with Vision; Your mission service and company never compromise with our quality products, we will continue our activities.